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Brittany Vogt

Brittany Vogt is the studio manager of Tiffany’s Training, making her the go-to person for your client needs as well as being a leader in creating and managing the formats and workouts of the gym. She trains most of the evening classes, but you can always catch her sometime each day at one of the classes!

Brittany’s workouts will typically have you reaching for heavier weights on our circuit-style strength days and pushing your cardio and muscular endurance limits on HIIT days. With her varied sports background and strength training knowledge, she can adjust to your needs quickly to make sure everyone is getting a great workout based on your fitness goals and capabilities. Brittany joined the Tiffany’s Training team in January of 2020, after leaving her previous position of two years as a boxing trainer leading heavy-bag, group workouts. Having been a client at Tiffany’s Training first, she quickly adapted to the formats and intensity of the workouts shortly before switching gears to provide new home workouts in the early days of the pandemic. Since late 2020, Brittany has helped to structure the classes to prioritize building strength and recovery and keep clients motivated to hit their workouts hard.

This Wisconsin native has three pets, spends her free time going to concerts and movies with her husband Tyler, reading or listening to a good book, and improving her own health and fitness in the gym. With a bachelor’s degree in engineering, a graduate degree in-progress, and a full-time position as an automotive materials engineer in Metro-Detroit, she finds time for herself in her passion for fitness.

During her typical week, you will see Brittany in the gym sweating next to you in class in the morning, leading you at class in the evening, and maybe even bringing you another set of weights if she thinks you can push a little harder!

With hard work, with belief, with confidence and trust in yourself and those around you, there are no limits.

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