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Are you looking for a career helping others reach their health and wellness goals? Do you enjoy exercise and fitness? Are you already a certified trainer and are looking for a new challenge? We are always looking for great trainers to join our team and would love to talk!

From seasoned trainers with years of experience to those just starting out, or even wanting to begin their training career, we welcome everyone!

As our gym and clientele continue to grow we want to keep giving the best in the business and outlet to share their talents. With our variety of class styles and types, we want trainers with varying skills and specialties.

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We’d love to meet you. We are a team of individuals with a passion for fitness and sports and enjoy working with people and our clients. To begin the process, please submit your resume through the form below and we will contact you to talk about the next steps.

Ready To Become A Certified Personal Trainer?

We welcome to opportunity to help individuals who are ready to jump headfirst into the fitness industry. We’ll help guide you step by step through the process and prepare you for your certification, as well as coach you through in-person classes.

Use the application form below to send us your information and we’ll be in touch to set up a meeting to help get you started.