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Stuck in a golf rut? Want to rip drives with confidence and sink more putts with precision?

T3’s Golf Performance Training is the secret weapon you’ve been searching for. Led by NASM-certified Golf Fitness Specialist Shane Bradley, this program transcends the driving range, incorporating functional training techniques scientifically proven to elevate your game.

Here’s how T3 takes you from the gym to green domination:

  • Strength & Mobility: We build a rock-solid foundation through exercises that enhance your power potential while simultaneously increasing your range of motion. This translates to a smoother, more powerful swing and reduced risk of injury.
  • Core Stability: Forget crunches! We’ll forge a strong, functional core through a variety of rotational movements, mimicking the forces encountered during your swing. This translates to explosive power transferred directly from your core to the ball.
  • Single-Leg Stability: Mastering single-leg balance is crucial for a consistent, powerful swing. Our program incorporates targeted exercises to create a rock-solid base for every shot.
  • Dynamic Movements & Strength Training: We don’t just pump iron. We integrate dynamic movements that mirror the explosive nature of the golf swing, building the strength needed to generate maximum power with every shot.
  • Balance is Key: Sharpen your focus and improve your swing mechanics with dedicated balance training. This translates to greater accuracy and a smoother overall game.
  • Hitting Net & Rapsodo Tracker: Put your newfound skills to the test in our dedicated hitting net! Analyze your swing in real-time using our cutting-edge Rapsodo Tracker, allowing you to visualize improvements and fine-tune your technique for immediate results.

Ready to transform your game and dominate the course?

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