Kids Agility & Conditioning Classes

Kids need to be active and we recognize that early sports conditioning in children plays a vital role in their lives. Youth Sports and Youth Athletics are gaining popularity at an earlier age. We believe that it’s crucial to establish proper movement patterns at a young age. By learning and practicing efficient movement patterns we reduce the risk of injury, promote body awareness, and improve overall self-esteem – all are important for athletics and life.

YOUTH SPEED TRAINING: Focuses on fundamentals of athlete performance and physical activity for individuals ages 7 and older. Classes are designed to incorporate linear speed drills, agility, functional movement, and injury prevention (strength and flexibility). The young athlete will perform a variety of exercises to help improve overall fitness, athletic performance, and tools to develop self-confidence.

STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING: Created for athletes ages 12 and older, each session starts with a conditioning component that focuses on power and explosiveness. The strength and conditioning class will teach athletes key components for lower body exercises, upper body fitness, and core related movements. Our 45-minutes classes are tailored according to the child’s abilities. We encourage the kids to live a healthy lifestyle by exercising and staying active to help them grow strong. Classes will focus on training and conditioning but will also be fun!

Upcoming Sessions

Session 1
June 19 & 21
June 26 & 28
July 10 & 12

Session 2
July 17 & 19
July 24 & 26
July 31 & Aug 1

Session 3

How to sign-up 

This year we will be rolling out a program for the kids that will go for 3 weeks, 2x classes per week for each session at 9:45 am. Mondays will consist of strength & functional training with Coach Shane and Wednesdays will be agility & conditioning training with Coach Hannah. We will only allow up to 12 kids per session ages 9-15. Kids will be grouped by age.

The cost per session is $180 and consists of 6 classes per session. If your child attends both sessions, the cost is $300 ($60 savings) for 12 classes. The kid’s camp runs during these dates only. Sessions cannot be made up or refunded. In the event of a power outage, we will offer classes outside of the Royal Oak Middle School. If your child cannot attend, please let us know within 5 hours so we can allow the next person in line to attend).

Payment Options

Packages can be paid for via cash or check at the first session.

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