Heavy Weight Trainer

Shane Bradley

Shane joined the T3 Training team in 2021, following his passion for health and fitness after years in the mortgage industry. He brings a wealth of experience in strength training from his background in boxing, football, and rugby at the college level, as well as his work with sport-specific off-season workouts and high school football coaching.

While Shane is familiar with explosive barbell movements and Olympic-style weightlifting, he has recently developed a love for bodyweight and calisthenic-based workouts, which he has blended into high-intensity training programs focused on strength development. As the manager of our heavy weight lifting programs, specifically, our Power Hour class, Shane is dedicated to helping clients achieve their fitness goals with his innovative and results-driven approach.

When he’s not in the gym, Shane enjoys going to concerts and spending time with his two Jack Russell Terriers. He is also passionate about coaching and helping others crush their fitness goals, and is one of our athlete performance trainers. 

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